Sage Pay for CRM

A Payment System That’s Right for Your Business

Safe and Easy way to accept payments

Sage Pay, the most trusted payment system in Europe, can now be integrated with Sage CRM, enabling Sage CRM clients to accept and process credit and debit card payments directly from the dashboard of Sage CRM. This integration is thanks to the Enbu powered Sage Pay extension – Sage Pay for CRM.

The integration allows Sage CRM Clients to:

  • Take secure card payments over the phone from customers, updating CRM in real-time
  • Send customers a link to a secure web portal, to make the payment online & automatically update CRM 
  • View all payment history associated with a customer in CRM
  • Run reports in CRM showing payments against customer activity

Sage Pay can also be connected to an ERP System, in parallel to Sage CRM, keeping both client files and accounts up to date.


  • Improved Customer Service - Offering customers the option to swiftly settle an invoice over the phone or via a secure web portal.
  • Data Consolidation & Accuracy - Reduce the number of systems used - access all customer data from one source, saving time and improving data reliability
  • Enhanced Data Security - Taking payments directly from CRM reduces the risk of human error & potential fraud during processing.
  • Centralised Data - Instantly updated accounts helps understand customers better including their payment preferences.

Additional features:

  • Point and click installation
  • Fraud screening tools
  • Accept and Process Payments in Euro, Dollar, Sterling or any other currency.
  • Multiple payment options, including Amex and PayPal
  • Accredited by all the major banks including Lloyds TSB, Cardnet, Bank of Scotland, Barclays Merchant Services, HSBC, Natwest Streamline, American Express, Diners Card, JCB, and Euroconex to provide secure online payments.
  • 24/7 Expert support for any payment queries.

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