Enbu Diagnostics Suites

The Complete toolkit for Sage CRM system maintenance



Enbu Consulting has unrivalled, direct practical knowledge and experience with the Sage CRM system over many years.

The Enbu Diagnostics Suite, consists of 5 of the most utilized and reliable tools currently offered by Enbu Consulting on the Sage CRM Platform today.

The Enbu Diagnostic Suite consists of the following modules

  • CRM De-dupe Wizard - is a built in system for CRM which allow interactive as well as batch mode de-duplication of CRM data.
  • CRM Log Wizard - automates the use of the Log files in CRM whereby they can be automatically uploaded into the CRM system, and therein can be processed, analysed and reported on to give the User a detailed analysis of what issues may have been captured in these Log files. The wizard is capable of processing all types of Log files generated by CRM.
  • CRM Customisation Scanner - generates a full audit of all Configurations and Customisations made for any given CRM installation.
  • CRM Performance Wizard - allows an Administrator to check all performance metrics for a given CRM system. Over time, a Sage CRM database will have multiple data uploads, various back ups and repairs and a standard process of maintenance which may or may not degrade the performance of the database and introduced anomalies in the integrity of the database.
  • CRM Data Migration Wizard - allows for a very user friendly way of setting up import routines of data from other 3rd party systems including data from other CRM installations. 

CRM De-dupe Wizard Status Log



CRM De-dupe Wizard Config Tab



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