Grid1000 - Editable grids for Sage CRM


editable grids for sage crm



Grid1000 is an editable grid control for Sage CRM. It brings cutting-edge functionality, powerful data binding, and fast performance with large data sets.

With this grid component, you can easily edit CRM records without having to navigate to the record summary page.




Three basic grids are delivered with version 1: Company, Case and Opportunity. Additionally the Company grid displays cases sub-grid.



The grids are dynamically generated from CRM system list objects (company grid, case grid, opportunity grid), allowing you to add or remove columns using the standard CRM customization


Supported CRM fields in version 1:

    • Checkbox
    • Dropdown
    • Text
    • Multi-text
    • Date
    • Image

We're working on implementing support for advanced search select and user select fields. Other known limitations:  on the Company grid you can only edit fields belonging to Company table. Same rule applies to Case and Opportunity;

Besides the basic functionality Grid1000 can offer features like row grouping, complex grid headers with toolbars, right click context-menus, drag-and-drop between lists, math formulas, exporting to PDF or Excell and more.

For more information or to request trial download please send an email to info[at]

Click here for more information and screenshots.

Live demo available at - please send an email to info[at] for login details

  • Grid1000 - Editable grids for Sage CRM


    Please help , can i get this add Ons , i really interested by it.

    i can't find link to download , the same thing for the site who post this product.

    Thanks too much

    Jeff Richards : thank for all your help , can u help me in this Add Ons

    Finally, if  there any other website who deliver those Add Ons for SAGE CRM (i7) i want to check it please

    Thanks too much

  • Grid1000 - Editable grids for Sage CRM


    You can find more info about this add-on here

    Alternatively please drop us an email at and I will send you download link or login details to our public demo



  • Grid1000 - Editable grids for Sage CRM

    Thanks too much Leading Edge SRL for your Post,

    i have acced to the demo plateforme and i see the video , also i have send to you an email to get the Add Ons.

    Thanks too much for your help , am weiting your response on my mail , and i hope to not have any problem when i will add this Add Ons

    Have a nice day