QGate Paribus™ for Sage CRM eliminates waste, saves money and improves your company's image by enabling the consolidation and refinement of your data. Based on QGate Paribus' established data matching functions, QGate Paribus™ for Sage CRM then enables the merging of duplicate records to create a more profitable and valuable data resource.

If your database is full of duplicates...If you risk degrading your data every time you import a new list...If you need to deduplicate your data WITH NO LOSS OF DATA...If you need to retrieve specifically retained duplicate entries...... then you need QGate Paribus™. 



QGate Paribus for Sage CRM

  • Works on any ODBC-connected database. 
  • Enables direct data access - no need to import your data. 
  • Uses an independent control database for review so you can review matches from your live data without changing it. 
  • Provides fully definable matching rules.
  • Matches on multiple elements of data. 
  • Fuzzy matching gauge control enables granular field level matching. 
  • Gives business users the ability to manage matching processes without requiring programming skills. 
  • Easy to use interface. 
  • Provides easy review and management of match results. 
  • Exports match information for use with other external applications for data import and de-duplication. 
  • Schedules heavy processing loads to be done when most convenient.

QGate Paribus™ finds matching data for you to review and delivers benefits irrespective of your market, size or operation. By identifying matching data, Paribus deliversthe ability to then consolidate, integrate or deduplicate your system. You can: Increase sales and marketing effectiveness and productivity, Reduce sales and marketing costs, Improve customer perception and satisfaction.

For further information, including the product data sheet and frequently asked question, can be found here