There is an increasing demand globally for Sage ERP X3 Integration into Sage CRM. The CRM Webservice Framework for Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM integration, which extends the offering to allow Real-Time access to all data within Sage ERP X3. As well as the basic levels of connectivity and access, Enbu has pre-packaged fully functional interfaces specifically for Sage ERP X3 Accounts, Quotes and Orders so rapid Sage ERP X3 Quote and Order entry is a reality in Sage CRM. The compelling feature is that all of this functionality is entirely configurable and extendable.

Above is the diagram which gives an overview of the CRM Webservice Framework for Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM Integration. 

Business Benefits

  • Includes full Sage ERP X3 Account Migration and Synchronisation
  • Ready to Go fully functional Sage ERP X3 Quote and Order entry within Sage CRM
  • Automatically inherits validations and rules from Sage ERP X3
  • Can extend & customise the integration points to meet any client's needs
  • Can access & update any Sage ERP X3 data in CRM in real-time, saving on license costs
  • No requirement for Sage ERP X3 development to get this integration up and running
  • Can be used as the basis of all integration requirements between Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM systems


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