Capture the power of Sage CRM from within Outlook. The bulk of interactions with clients are handled within email, convert those to communications in Sage CRM with one click. Build your database from those emails, create companies or people easily.


  • User adoption of CRM is higher because is it easy to relate to your data
  • Build your sales pipeline across the company rather than just within individual email accounts
  • Staff are enabled to be more efficient because they can view and update their CRM data without leaving their email
  • CRM Templates standardise responses for routine queries or contact
  • Spot data duplication and clean up your CRM

Testimonial from a North American Business Partner 

“Our experience shows that companies with Accelerator create more than 4x as many companies and people in Sage CRM, simply because it is easier”

Example scenario:

A company that is email centric finds saving emails to Sage CRM too time consuming and requiring a lot of clicking – copying & pasting etc.
Emails that should be been filed are put on the long finger by Jane Doe to attend to more pressing tasks, her inbox is out of control.
Jane Doe is ill and must stay home, her colleagues could never know or understand all the dealings she has had with prospects and clients, searching her inbox is just too time consuming and besides no one knows her passwords. Chaos reigns

Jane Doe returns to work feeling better after 6 weeks, dreading the backlog she must face, only to discover she has a new system called Accelerator for Sage CRM that allows her to:

  • Save an email from outlook to CRM easily, 8000 historical emails left unread that potentially need to be filed to CRM isn’t such a mammoth task anymore
  • Review her inbox and sent items and view those that have already been saved by her new assistant who installed the software and began the process for her
  • See at a glance what has been going on with her pipeline whilst she was out sick because all her colleagues are logging their communications to Sage CRM from email, including summaries of phone conversations
  • Create a new opportunity/contact from emails received on her first day back that automatically save to Sage CRM
  • She can now use Sage CRM as an actual address book in her email, no more swapping between screens
  • Several new templates available in outlook for welcome letters and product packs that even pull attachments from CRM automatically and the ability to create more as she needs them

It’s a good day for Jane Doe!

Accelerator for Sage CRM Features:

  • View CRM Data in Outlook
  • Create a new entity in Sage CRM from Outlook (company/person/case/opportunity/custom entity
  • Save emails as communications in Sage CRM
  • Use CRM as an address book in Outlook
  • Link Appointments in Outlook to Sage CRM
  • Leverage email templates managed in Sage CRM
  • Bookmark priority entities for easy access in email
  • Log phone conversations to Sage CRM quickly and easily
  • Search email threads for email addresses and establish if they have context in Sage CRM
  • Have a graphical view of Accelerator Stats in CRM – emails in or out, phones called made or received

Versions Supported:

Sage CRM versions 2018R1/R2/R3, 2019, 2020,2021,2022 
Outlook 2016/2019 (inc Office365 locally installed) and Outlook on the Web and MAC (requires Office 365)

Territories Supported:

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and South Africa

Contact details:

  • Contact Name: Marc Reidy
  • Contact Number: +353 (1) 442 8548
  • Contact Email: sagecrm@crmtogether.com
  • Contact Phone Number: +353 (1) 442 8548
  • Link to enquiry form: https://crmtogether.com/product-pricing/