MobileX for Sage CRM

Overview of the MobileX:

The very concept of CRM is to manage customer relationships, this isn’t only when in the office or at your desk but when you are on the road too.
With MobileX there are no forgotten communications, phone numbers or waiting to get back to base to record customer interactions, it can be done from your car or anywhere you have a smart device. You can dictate the minutes of a meeting and upload to CRM.
Keep your colleagues up to date by logging your every communication to Sage CRM from your mobile device and really subscribe to the 360 degree view CRM promises.


  • No delays in updating CRM with customer interactions
  • No waiting to get back to the office to process customer requests
  • CRM Data is on your person in your phone as and when you need it, just like a phone book

Testimonial from a North American Business Partner
“A long-term seller of Crystal Manager, we took MobileX and Accelerator to use internally and began to appreciate the real power of these add on tools.”

Example scenario: 

The Sales Team are considered to be resting on their laurels if they spend too much time at their desk. They need to be out at client sites, creating and closing new opportunities, handling on site customer service and checking stocks are sufficient. However, all of the interactions they have with the customer do need to be processed in order to be fulfilled. The potential issues on site need to be elevated to an engineer and they need an image of the structural damage to hardware.
MobileX can help with all of it and be customised to facilitate a step by step program of tasks.

So, a site visits consists of

  • Access the customer phone number, make a call, schedule a visit, dictate the details to MobileX, CRM is up to date
  • Customer highlights an issue with a shelving unit, create a case via MobileX, upload a photograph of the specific problem, no major urgency but the case is in the pipeline, maybe highlight the urgency with a ping to a colleague to ensure it is actioned on that day
  • Catch up with the customer, ensure they are happy, end the meeting and update CRM in the car, make a note of any necessary follow ups.
  • Review the CRM calendar to establish the next site visit and move on.
  • A new customer is on your calendar for an introductory meeting, a business card is provided, scan this via the smart device camera and upload to CRM in seconds
  • At the end of the day, review opportunity and/or the case pipeline to check the status of every site visit before heading home for the day with a job well done.


  • MobileX is built as a framework that can be customised and extended to suit the customer needs
  • View and/or update CRM Data from your smart device
  • Create a new entity in Sage CRM (company/person/case/opportunity/custom entity
  • Save emails and phone calls as communications in Sage CRM in the moment
  • Use CRM as an address book
  • Have a calendar history of Sage CRM activity accessible at all times on your smart device
  • Bookmark priority entities for easy access in email
  • Send context sensitive messages to colleagues if a particularly case or opportunity needs their attention
  • Upload business card details to CRM easily via your phone camera, the system will highlight if there are duplicates

Versions Supported:

Sage CRM versions 7.3, 2017R1/R2/R3 ,2018R1/R2/R3, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 supported.

Territories Supported:

Ireland/UK, North America, Germany (Reseller in place), Europe

Contact details:

  • Contact Name: Marc Reidy
  • Contact Number: +353 (1) 442 8548
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone Number: +353 (1) 442 8548
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