Our Sage CRM connector provides complete and tight connectivity with Sage CRM, enabling you to rapidly integrate any application. Integration is made through our configuration based and code-free middleware solution, IMan.

The connector is bi-directional, meaning data can be both uploaded to and extracted from Sage CRM. The connector supports all entities, including custom ones, providing a ‘no constraints’ platform with which to integrate external applications with Sage CRM.

Example scenarios:

  • Data take on and migration.
  • Continuous data imports – import data from Excel, CSV, and other sources.
  • Complex application integration – multi-entity synchronisation (company, person, address, email, opportunity, quotes & notes) between Sage CRM and external systems.


  • All fields and entities can be either written to or read from.
  • Hierarchically aware - entity relationships are known and enforced making import and export of data to Sage CRM easy and intuitive. The connector takes care of the linking!
  • The connector simplifies and flattens company and person entities, where the linked entities (address, email, primary person) and fields are flattened and the connector performs the linking in the background.
  • Inline lookups against Sage CRM data for data translation and extraction and entity ID identification.
  • Integrates through a combination of REST and web services so entity and field-level security is maintained

Company website: http://www.realisable.co.uk/