Boost user engagement with Push Notifications for Sage CRM by delivering instant messages right on your users desktop or mobile devices even when they are not actively using CRM.




  • Automated notifications can be triggered from Workflow stages, Table Level scripts or classic ASP pages
  • On desktops, when a push notification is received, an Outlook style message is displayed even when the user is not active on CRM. The message is clickable and it will take the user to the record summary page;
  • On mobile devices notifications are displayed on the status bar 
  • Can be integrated with Google Cloud Messaging or any other Push Notification service
  • Mobile application available for Android 
  • Available for desktop, Android and iOS devices

Sample Use Cases

  • Instantly notify a user when a High Priority Case has just been assigned to them
  • A new task has been assigned or an appointment is coming up
  • An order has reached a certain Workflow stage
  • Notify Sales Managers when a quote needs approval or a quote is about to expire
  • Engage a user with a Company or Person by pushing notes and contact details

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Versions Supported:

From Sage CRM 7.3 to latest Sage CRM 2022 R1

Territories Supported:


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