Organizations work on tremendous customer data leading to complexity in management of critical organizational processes. Inefficient utilization of data from outdated and siloed systems can hamper forecasting and decision making to key stakeholders in an organization. Accounting and CRM systems need to scale together for an efficient business growth. For a smarter business approach, Greytrix offers GUMU™ Integration to organizations for achieving a consolidated view across systems. Sage Intacct - a leading cloud-based accounting software (AICPA certified), is a simple and cost-effective solution suitable for small and midsize companies which provides real-time financial and operational insights as well as the ability to automate critical processes. While on the other hand, Sage CRM is an intuitive business management system that allows businesses to provide critical customer data, tracking interactions with marketing, sales and customer support. In order to integrate both the systems and attain a 360° holistic approach, Greytrix offers GUMU™ integration.

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Sage Intacct Integration | GUMU™ | Greytrix

Supported versions of Sage CRM

  • Sage CRM 2019 R1
  • Sage CRM 2019 R2
  • Sage CRM 2020 R1
  • Sage CRM 2020 R2
  • Sage CRM 2021 R1
  • Sage CRM 2021 R2
  • Sage CRM 2022 R1