s5Maps for Sage CRM

s5Maps has released what will likely become the gold standard for Google Maps integration with Sage CRM.

Introducing s5Maps for Sage CRM using the power of Google Maps and Google Search Engine Technology.

With s5Maps you can integrate real time data into a map, easily add data from the web, and provide your team with all the information in one visual experience.

Data Visualization with Google Maps…

  • s5Maps allows you to visualize your current Client / Prospect / Leads data that resides in your Sage CRM.

Create Opportunities with the power of Google…

  • s5Maps allows you to search for new prospects / opportunities via the Google Places Search tool and utilize Google’s Search Engine Technology. These businesses can then be added to you Sage CRM with the click of a button.

Business Intelligence Tools…

  • Slicing and dicing data is like that: it provides a closer, more granular view of your data and presents it from new and diverse perspectives. The filter window is customizable to allow your organization the ability to transform the data and help make accurate business decisions.

Route Your Team…

  • The optional Routing module allows your Sales or Service Team to plot out routes to optimize their day. Estimated Drive Times and distance are updated as they add stops to the route.

The s5Maps / s5CRM Team:

The s5CRM team has been in the Sage CRM world since 2005. They have helped Sage Partners and Customers in almost every business sector around the world with integration and advanced customizations for their Sage CRM systems.

Versions Supported:

  • Sage CRM 2018R3 and higher.
  • Requires SQL Server 2016 SP1 (13.x) and later.
  • Tablet and Desktop Browsers

Contact details:

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