SIM50 (Sage Integration Module 50) is a real time integration module which links Sage CRM MME to Sage 50 accounts.

Oakley is a Sage Development Partner and has developed the link over many years and evolved the offering to match customer requirements.

Purchasing a SIM licence will allow you to use two different processes to push content through to Sage 50. A real-time link displays data directly from the Sage 50 database and allows purchasers to view – customer details, credit limits, available balance, payment terms, accounts status, previously posted invoices, details of the payments made and stock levels from the Sage 50 stock list.

The real-time link allows CRM users to generate an order, quote or invoice from the Sage 50 stock list and push it straight into Sage 50. All discount structures applied in line 50 are used so multi purchase discounts will automatically be applied to individual customers. Orders/Quotes can also be created in the opportunity area of the CRM, within the SIM tab customers can choose to process or ignore these orders into Sage 50. This is especially helpful for organisations that have to send multiple quotes / orders to a customer before a purchase is confirmed.