CRM includes a "Component Manager" feature that can be used to "record" and "playback" most modifications made to the CRM system. This tool is handy for planned minor changes that can be done in isolation and recorded.

However, real-life often interferes with the scenarios that make component manager useful. Most often you need to make changes ad-hoc, to multiple areas of a CRM implementation, and it can be quite difficult to coordinate component manager recording sessions. Also, most often component manager components are CRM version specific, and do not incorporate any extension pages (ASP or otherwise) that are required to really deploy your component on an automated basis. This can be frustrating.

Don't fret! CRM Setup Factory solves all of these problems, and more! CRM setup factory can be run at ANY TIME during your customization project, and you can granularly select exactly what you want to incorporate into your very own "Setup Factory" for deployment to other CRM systems. CRM Setup Factory is a windows application installed on the developer's desktop.

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