'GUMU for Sage CRM – MAS90 Integration' is an add-on which integrates Sage CRM with MAS90 with a simple set up and gives the user a bi directional flow of information between MAS90 and Sage CRM system in real time.

The integration comprises of synchronization of MAS90 customer with SageCRM and display of all updated and real time information regarding Sales Orders and Invoices from within Sage CRM. It comes in two flavors

1. Standard Integration: In the Standard Integration one can view/promote customers, AR Inquiry and Order Inquiry. Synchronize Customer Information from Sage CRM to MAS 90/200 and vice versa.

2. Complete Suite: This is a combination of the Standard Integration + Order Entry Integration.  The complete suite comprises of all the features that are present in the standard integration and ability to promote orders from Sage CRM to MAS 90.

It supports Multiple Companies of MAS and Multicurrency. It also works with EES version.