The Sage CRM Planner works within Sage CRM to provide users with a graphical view of all communications, appointments and meetings. This can be either for a specific person or all users within an organisation over a set period of time. This helps businesses allocate resources, schedule sensibly and make decisions quickly.
Key Features of the Concentrix Sage CRM Planner include:
- An interactive User Interface with drag and drop abilities on the communications displayed in the planner
 - Data is represented in a graphical format where communications can be dragged to different time slots and to different users
- User interface is intuitive and easy to use with the same look and feel as Sage CRM
- Fast Direct Searching Facilities: the planner interacts directly with Sage CRM data which produces extremely fast search results
- Filtering on key categories ensures that the data you want to view is returned in the extremely quickly
- Users can set their own preferences, such as view colour, working hours  and communication type
- Shows communications for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week or 4 weeks, making allocation of resources and scheduling of meetings much easier