The Sage CRM Budget Planner takes all the main concepts of Budget Planning and Allocation and delivers a pragmatic and highly effective management tool which is installed on top of the Sage CRM platform.

It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that all the benefits of CRM including designs of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.

Manage income and expenditure throughout organization with Sage CRM

CRM Budget Planner will help you:

  • Monitor costs
  • Increase communications
  • Delegate Responsibility
  • Manage Forecast
  • Increase visibility on spend
  • Create reports
  • Utilise the power of Sage CRM


 CRM Budget Planner Features include: 

  • Margin and Graph Calculations
  • Edit Budget Summary
  • Budget line items
  • Budget line item Summary
  • Editing Income and Expenditure Line Items
  • Adding an Income and Expense line item
  • Expenditure Requests
  • Approval of Expenditure Requests



CRM Budget Planner is one of 5 products that make up the Greytrix Business Manager (GBM) Suite. The GBM offers enhanced functionality to Core CRM. See  or further details or write to us at or *call us at +1- 888-221-6661(US) or 800-032-2374 (UK & Europe) or +91-22-6768 7800 (India HO)

*The support hours vary based on Geolocation. Please give us 12-24 hours response time for phone or emails.