The CRM Performance Wizard Health Check allows an Administrator to check all performance metrics for a given CRM system. Over time, a CRM Database will have multiple data uploads, various back ups and repairs and a standard process of maintenance which may or may not degrade the performance of the database and introduced anomalies in the integrity of the database.

The CRM Performance Wizard Health Check detects and fixes all problems for review and analysis.

The types of tests run over the system includes:

  • Checking all Views are correctly in place and operable
  • That all data is correctly linked with primary and foreign keys
  • That all required fields are correctly filled in
  • That all documents exist that the Library is linked to
  • That the Database is stable on the operating level

Changes to the system can be applied automatically, based on what it has found; to correct performance weaknesses, and enhance the overall system where there is room for further calibration of the system.

This primarily orientates around the configuration of the underlying database, but also on various configuration aspects of the CRM system itself.



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