The CRM De-dupe Wizard is fully integrated with Sage CRM, which allows interactive as well as batch mode de-duplication of CRM Data.

CRM De-dupe Wizard now has multi browser compatibility, when used in SageCRM 7.1 service pack 2 or greater. Not only is Internet Explorer supported , but also Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 

Key Features of CRM De-dupe Wizard

  • Company de-duplication
  • Company phone de-duplication
  • Person de-duplication
  • Person phone de-duplication
  • Custom de-duplication
  • De-duplication Statistics
  • Customisable and configurable

It also fixes various data segments which commonly accumulate erroneous areas where data has not been migrated properly into the system etc.

To create an efficient method of de-duplicating data, an algorithm has been designed around ranking the data in such way that a master and slave model can be achieved around duplicates. This allows for the most suitable candidate within the duplicates to become the master record and all other duplicates to be merged into this data.

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