CRM Webservice Framework

Real-time connectivity to 3rd party systems for Sage CRM


CRM Webservice Framework is a flexible open ended infrastructure that is applied on top of Sage CRM to allow CRM to absorb Webservice definitions from 3rd party systems and use the connectivity to render interfaces and query data in a similar fashion to standard direct native database access.

Whereas CRM is Webservice enabled, it is only enabled to publish itself and allow other 3rd party systems absorb the CRM Webservice definition. This allows other system to access data from CRM through the industry standard protocol.

However there is no provision in CRM to be able to implement the refresh Webservice definitions for it's own use. This is what the Enbu Webservice Framework provides, as well as a comprehensive SDK of additional tools for use within the Framework including Custom Mail Merge, Ajax object, SOAP Object, CRM Date functions etc.

What's New ?

  •  Enhanced Gateway
  •  Improved Framework Control Panel
  •  CRM Broker Module which allows complex data to be processed
  •  WCF Gateway Implementation of the Webservices
  •  Gateway Monitor Module for multi threaded analysis
  •  CRM Test Harness to run test analysis, functions and third party integration

Other Features:

  •  Allow CRM absorb and utilise 3rd party Webservice connections
  •  Create a new highly scalable CRM Webservice which can be utilised by other systems.
  •  Allow CRM to be integrated into high scale SOA architectures and even deliver an Enterprise Service Bus which can be utilised by surrounding systems.
  •  Provide a set of utilities to manage and monitor the activities around this Framework
  •  Bidirectional Webservice Data and Connectivity
  •  Customisation of Objects and Scripting through standard Admin methods in CRM
  •  Extended SDK including Custom Mail Merge, Ajax object, SOAP Object, CRM Date functions etc.


CRM Webservice Framework Components



Above is an illustration of a possible set up of servers and infrastructures for a high scale SOA based architecture


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