Business Networking has assumed new proportions through the online platform XING. A free add-on enables the user to check in the Sage CRM System if the customer or business partner is online with his XING profile.

The online platform XING allows you to get in touch with business partners, customers or prospective buyers. After installing the free add-on you will find the button "XING Search" on the right hand side in the resume of a person. This button opens a new window in the CRM system with the results, which are formated like this: "Advanced XING Search" (opens a new window with the searching blank from XING. If you are logged in to XING, the complete result is shown). Below that you will find the result within the public profiles in XING (maximum 10 entries); under the section "Other Portals" you can see links to search sites of, and