CRM Social Media Manager


The CRM Social Media Manager, takes CRM to the next level with full intrinsic integration with all the well established online social media communities. This integration goes to the level whereby these communities become a new most powerful database to market against, broadcast against and ultimately develop your on-line presence and revenue channels. Communities includes LinkedIn™   and Facebook  as well as being able to add your own community connections.

It is completely integrated into Sage CRM so that all the benefits of CRM are leveraged including designs of user interface, searching, reporting and document management.


What's New?


  •  Facebook enablement
  •  Search by Industry for LinkedIn
  •  Extended profile information
  •  Photos downloaded on results and profiles
  •  Clear button on link page
  •  Configuration options on display and Facebook signatures
  •  Support for Sage CRM version 7.1



Find Connections in or outside network



Social Connection - Facebook Enablement


Facebook Feeds


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