Developed by AlphaLogix, AlphaTel simply displays caller information as the phone begins to ring, which pops-up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen in a similar way to how an Outlook email is displayed. The pop-up shows: incoming phone number, name of contact, name of company and company account manager, allowing you to immediately hyper-link to the correct CRM contact. Users are able to decide who should pick up the call and have the caller’s details on screen even before answering. 

Outbound Calls are made at the touch of a button as AlphaTel allows automatic outbound telephone dialling directly from any Sage CRM telephone field and logs all calls to the appropriate record. 

Compatible with Version 6.0 and above.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Your customers will feel valued: they are quickly identified, greeted personally and the most relevant person responds to their calls
  • Saves time: the process for making every outbound telephone call is fully automated, reducing costs and ensuring misdialled calls are a thing of the past
  • Increases productivity: the automatic call logging of all inbound and outbound calls provides excellent information to improve management reporting and help make your marketing and telesales campaigns more successful

Key Features Include:

  • AlphaTel integrates with most modern telephone systems
  • Enables automatic outbound telephone dialling from any company or contact at the touch of a button
  • Automatically logs all inbound and outbound calls against the appropriate contact together with name, date and time
  • Inbound screen popping identifies caller and company details quickly
  • Incoming calls visible to all users who are able to continue typing if they decide not to pick up the call
  • Easy to use – no training required, users are up and running very quickly