HELP Solutions’ Loan and Grant Module for Sage CRM empowers your organization’s management team and employees to become more organized and productive in administering Loan and Grant Programs.

The goal of the Loan and Grant module is to provide a central database to track and report on all of the critical aspects of the program so it will run as efficiently as possible. Accurate information and improved workflow will provide your information with a solid foundation to get the job done.

Features and Benefits:

  • Centralized, standard method of capturing and tracking Applicants and Application statuses
  • Standardized workflow to guide your organization through each stage of the Application and Approval processes
  • Tracking of activities, outputs, and outcomes of the Loan and Grant programs for easy, convenient reporting and audit purposes
  • Centralized communications for more efficient and effective outreach to Applicants and potential Applicants. 

Modules include Application Processing, Auditing, Underwriting & Approval, and Closing.