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ProjectEase - Project Management for Sage CRM

ProjectEase is a feature rich project management solution for Sage CRM. Whether large or small, ProjectEase...
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Productivity Pack-Productivity enhancements for Sage CRM

The Productivity Pack is a suite of applications designed to enhance the CRM user experience. Building...
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by 316

SIM50-Integration Between Sage 50 Accounts and Sage CRM MME

SIM50 (Sage Integration Module 50) is a real time integration module which links Sage CRM MME to Sage...
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by 350

e-txt Sage Alerts Wizard - Business Alerts by SMS or email

The e-txt Sage Alerts Wizard is priced from just £700 and allows management by exception since...
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by 256

e-txt Sage CRM plug-in - Send & Receive SMS texts

The e-txt Sage CRM Plug-in allows Sage CRM users to send and receive texts to individuals and groups...
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by 402

Internet Communicator-works to give your company a means for effectively contacting your clients

. Internet Communicator works by collecting information on visitors and tying it together with information...
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Mail Filing Automation for Sage CRM-email from Microsoft Outlook is automatically filed into CRM

CRM Mail Filing Automation is perhaps one of the most useful extensions to Sage CRM you can implement...
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by 363

Report Viewer-puts the full power of Crystal Reports in your hand

Sometimes, the internal CRM report viewer just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need the power of a...
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by 388

Time & Billing-fast and easy way to increase your productivity and decrease your administrative costs

CRM Time & Billing is a native time and billing solution for Sage CRM. This powerful, but extremely...
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by 218

AR Invoicing-accounting integrated order processing and inquiry solution

A 21CRM AR Invoicing integrated Sage CRM system is unrivalled in the mid-market CRM marketplace. This...
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by 298

Association Automation Suite-maintains and grows relationships with members

Full integration between your website and back office. Website visitors and Members can interact through...
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CRM Setup Factory-package up changes to one CRM system and easily move them to another

CRM includes a "Component Manager" feature that can be used to "record" and "playback"...
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by 213

CRM Spell Check-configure almost any text field in Sage CRM to perform spell checking

CRM Spell check is configurable so that you can enforce spell checking for only those users that really...
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by 288

CRM Order Entry-accounting integrated order processing and inquiry solution

This powerful extension to Sage CRM allows you to use CRM not only as a customer relationship management...
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by 311

ERP Connect for Sage Accpac ERP 5.3+ / Sage CRM 5.7+

It is now possible, at the click of a mouse to customize the integration between Sage Accpac CRM and...
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by 241

Exchange Contact Sync-synchronizes all of the organizations contacts to Microsoft Exchange

Have you ever been on an airplane, or in a hotel lobby, with no internet access, and wanted to send an...
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by 190

CRM Global Atlas-Integrating Live dynamic maps with Sage CRM

Built to work in synch with CRM, with an easy interface to add a new location to your lists of locations...
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GUMU for Sage CRM - ACT! By Sage-Migration Tool

GUMU for Sage CRM - ACT! is a migration solution that gives you the flexibility to migrate all data,...
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by 410

GUMU for Sage CRM - Sage Pro ERP Order Entry Integration

[Works with SageCRM v71 onwards] GUMU™ for Sage CRM - Sage Pro ERP Integration is a real time...
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by 264

GUMU for SageCRM – Sage MAS90/200 ERP Integration

'GUMU for Sage CRM – MAS90 Integration' is an add-on which integrates Sage CRM with MAS90...
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by 281