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Accelerator for Sage CRM - Outlook Integration

"Accelerator for Sage CRM's" OUTLOOK integration unifies Sage CRM and the worlds' most...
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AlphaTel – Screen Popping Into Sage CRM Using CTI

Developed by AlphaLogix, AlphaTel simply displays caller information as the phone begins to ring, which...
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by 573

AppointmentPlanner for Sage CRM

AppointmentPlanner for Sage CRM can reschedule several expired appointments at the same time, show free...
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by 445

AR Invoicing-accounting integrated order processing and inquiry solution

A 21CRM AR Invoicing integrated Sage CRM system is unrivalled in the mid-market CRM marketplace. This...
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by 298

Association Automation Suite-maintains and grows relationships with members

Full integration between your website and back office. Website visitors and Members can interact through...
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Business Manager

Business Manager Enabling full visibility on everyday operations with Sage CRM After many years...
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by 202

CloudCall Click for Sage CRM

Make calls and replay conversations directly from Sage CRM SYNETY CloudCall Click transforms...
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by 559

CloudCall Contact Centre for Sage CRM

As well as lots of Outbound functionality CloudCall Contact Centre also offers inbound functionality...
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by 601

Construction Management for SageCRM

HELP Solutions’ Construction CRM Module for SageCRM provides a unique solution for organizations...
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by 567

CRM Customisation Scanner

The CRM Customisation Scanner generates a full audit of all Configurations and Customisations made for...
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by 263

CRM Data Import Wizard

The CRM Data Import Wizard allows for very User Friendly way of setting up import routines of data from...
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by 687

CRM De-dupe Wizard

The CRM De-dupe Wizard is fully integrated with Sage CRM, which allows interactive as well as batch mode...
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by 412

CRM Global Atlas-Integrating Live dynamic maps with Sage CRM

Built to work in synch with CRM, with an easy interface to add a new location to your lists of locations...
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by 335

CRM Log Wizard

The CRM Log Wizard automates the use of the Log files in CRM whereby they can be automatically uploaded...
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by 274

CRM Lotus Notes Plugin

The CRM Lotus Notes Plugin is a new product developed around IBM's Domino and Lotus Notes technologies...
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by 411

CRM Order Entry-accounting integrated order processing and inquiry solution

This powerful extension to Sage CRM allows you to use CRM not only as a customer relationship management...
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by 311

CRM Performance Wizard Health Check

The CRM Performance Wizard Health Check allows an Administrator to check all performance metrics for...
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by 340

CRM Setup Factory-package up changes to one CRM system and easily move them to another

CRM includes a "Component Manager" feature that can be used to "record" and "playback"...
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by 213

CRM Social Media Manager

CRM Social Media Manager The CRM Social Media Manager , takes CRM to the next level with full intrinsic...
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by 640

CRM Spell Check-configure almost any text field in Sage CRM to perform spell checking

CRM Spell check is configurable so that you can enforce spell checking for only those users that really...
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by 288