Sage CRM Mapping Component

Updated: 06 June 2018

The Sage CRM Mapping Component allows users to plot companies, cases, opportunities, and leads on a map in Sage CRM. Users can also view nearby hotels, airports, pubs, and restaurants on the map.

The Mapping component is compatible with Sage CRM 2018 R2, 2018 R1, 2017 R3, 2017 R2, 2017 R1, 7.3 SP3, 7.3 SP2, 7.3 SP1, and 7.3.

For more information, see Using the Mapping Component with On-Premise Sage CRM.

  • Sage CRM Mapping Component

    For those asking about bulk populating these, I used this site to convert the bulk of my postcodes into latitude and longitude. I then used this site for the Northern Ireland postcodes as the first site did not work well for them: You can then do some magic in Excel to create some statements like this (note that the CRM field uses Longitude then Latitude so be sure to swap the values around from the web results):

    update company set comp_xtmp_longlat = geography::STPointFromText('POINT( -5.84218 54.70863 )', 4326) where comp_companyid = 26 ;

    This worked well for me and I now have the majority of my UK companies mapped!