Sage CRM Yammer Component

This component is compatible with Sage CRM 2018 R2, 2018 R1, 2017 R3, 2017 R2, 2017 R1, and 7.3 with or without SP.

Click here for additional information on how to install Yammer in Sage CRM.

Some additional tweaks are necessary as the latest version of Yammers API requires you to specify a domain from which RESTful calls can be made. Since each case might be different (domain can be http://localhost,  and so on), we’ve created a short tutorial to help you. The whole process should only take 5-10 minutes


  • Sage CRM Yammer Component

    There appears to be a bug in this component and it only works with IE. I have tested on Firefox, Chrome and, Opera and only IE can connect to the Yammer API with the rest reporting an invalid client Id.