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  • Media: UBA Document Management Solution

    UBA Document Management for SageCRM is a part of SageCRM solution which provides you with a complete document management functionalities that enrich your organization with e-documents saving, storing, document versioning and searching.
  • Media: UBA Document Management System for Sage CRM

    Developed using SageCRM .Net SDK, UBA Document Management System (DMS) for SageCRM allows each organization to track, store, and to manage versioning of documents provided with reporting functionality, in addition and by having an extended Google style search engine, now the users can also search within...
  • Media: Report Viewer-puts the full power of Crystal Reports in your hand

    Sometimes, the internal CRM report viewer just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need the power of a Crystal Report to get the information you need. 21CRM Systems advanced CRM Report Viewer puts the full power of Crystal Reports in your hand. Design: • Easy server-side installation. Point, click...