Here you can access Sage CRM eLearning. These are flexible online courses that allow you to learn whenever you like. Use these recorded lessons to help you get the skills you need to become a confident user, administrator, consultant or developer within a very short time. You have access to key technical, sales and support content for Sage CRM and when if you are ready and up for challenge you can test your knowledge on each area. Your decision is to choose a “stream” to get started. Depending on your role, you may choose to specialise in a particular area, however there is benefit to exploring each of the areas and where available testing yourself against the topics in the learning streams.

Each module in the Technical, Support and Sales streams has an associated multiple choice exam which you can sit at any time. If you pass, you will be presented with a “badge” which will be displayed on your profile in the community.

The more badges you collect, the more expertise in Sage CRM you will be showing to the rest of the Sage CRM Community, so good luck! Please look at our FAQ for more details.