When a new currency field is added to the secondary entity "marketing", its default display text is 'Currency not set'


This happens when the field is added into the Company Marketing box, and it is not included on any previous entry screen.


This issue is fixed in Sage CRM 7.2f which is due for release at the end of September 2014.

More information / Workaround:

One workaround is done by including the field on a previous entry screen.

The other is as follows:

This workaround only works in 7.2. It will change the field to blank if no price has been set in the field.
Go into the Company Marketing Box screen for the marketing secondary entity and place the following in the custom content box.

$(document).ready(function () {
if ($('#_Datamrkt_testcurrency').text() == crm.getTrans("Errors","ErrNoCurrencyDefined"))

Note: Testcurrency will need to be changed if that is not the name of the field.
Once the field is changed, this function will not be called, as to not change the field to blank.
If the currency is constant and the user knows what it is, the fifth line could be changed to:

This is not based off the currency, will not change the field in the DB and will only show what is in the quotations as a string.