The interactive Dashboards are not working when trying to access CRM with external IP directly.


When accessing the Dashboard, this generic error is displayed:



The problem potentially lies with the router. Many routers do not do loopback connections. In other words, it expects connections to the public IP only from the external interface. It will ignore and drop traffic to the public IP from the internal interfaces, thus when you are attempting to access your machine with a public IP from within your LAN, the public IP is causing the local machine to contact the default gateway (your router) and your router is not forwarding that traffic back to your SBS machine.

This isn't an SBS issue, but a router issue. To resolve it, you'll need to refer to your router documentation or contact their support staff. Each router is different.


The reolution to this issue is to set up a Fully Qualified Domain Name.
Then add this to the Host.bat file (located: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) and have it redirect to the IP.

More information: