Looking at the latest Software Support Matrix, Office 365 is marked as supported for 7.1 SP2 and above.

Can you confirm for me if exchange 365 supported for Exchange integration? Or does Office 365 in the matrix refer to the office products such as word, outlook & excel etc?


Yes Office365 is supported for the Exchange Integration. 

Office365 uses Exchange 2013 for the backend for any new sign ups and Exchange 2010 for some older accounts (although these will be upgraded to use Exchange 2013 soon if they haven’t been upgraded already). Both of these are supported for the Exchange integration on 7.2d.

The caveat on the support matrix:

“Microsoft Office 365 (for Sage CRM Outlook Plug-in for Exchange Integration only)”

This means that in terms of plugins the Classic Outlook plugin isn’t supported on the Outlook client you can download as part of Office365. It’s clarified a little further down:

Microsoft Office 365 is supported for Sage CRM Outlook Plug-in for Exchange Integration only - not Classic Outlook Integration