Custom workflow action not working as expected.


This happens when a workflow is created to edit a communication, for example to change the created date only.

The save screen on that workflow option moves onto the Edit communication screen, but when you save again, the CRM system does not move away from the edit communication screen even though the changes save to the database.

You press save on the edit communication screen and the information saves, but the page does not move on


Navigate to Administration -> Customisation -> Communication -> Screens: select the CustomCommunicationDetailBox  and add this script:

// If set to redirect to itself (communication edit) after saving, then redirect to Communication Find
crm.ready(function () {
    if($("#HNA").val() == "363") {

This will change the HNA value of the page to 138 which directs the page to the Communications find screen, as opposed to 363 which directs the page back to itself (the Edit Communication screen)

More information:

This case has come back from development has working as expected.