When creating a custom entity using the Advanced Customisation Wizard, if you specify an entity name that's longer than 21 characters and choose "Workflow" as an option you will receive an error message and your entity will not be created


You will receive an error message when you click "Install Component" on the Component Manager screen:

Due to the following errors, NONE of the changes in this file have been implemented

mainEntityWizard jscript error: [SafeCall Exception]: UnexpectedEvent: SQLError: String or binary data would be truncated (INSERT INTO WorkflowRules(WkRl_WorkflowId,WkRl_Caption,WkRl_Entity,WkRl_Table,WkRl_Ruletype,WkRl_CustomFile,WkRl_Order,WkRl_Cloneable,WkRl_CreatedBy,WkRl_CreatedDate,WkRl_UpdatedBy,WkRl_UpdatedDate,WkRl_TimeStamp,WkRl_RuleID) VALUES (15,N'New',N'PersonalDetailsUpdate',N'PersonalDetailsUpdate',N'New',N'PersonalDetailsUpdate\PersonalDetailsUpdateWf.asp?E=PersonalDetailsUpdate',1,N'y',1,'20140630 10:07:33',1,'20140630 10:07:33','20140630 10:07:33',10163) )


This is caused by the generated WkRl_CustomFile value being too long to be inserted into the database column.


This has been fixed in 7.3GA which has already been released

To workaround this issue you can choose a shorter entity name or increase the size of the database column.