A query may arise regarding installing the CRM CTI integration plugin on a client machine.

More information:

The CTI plugin is installed via an ActiveX control, which is included with Sage CRM. As such, there is no separate installer. The ActiveX control will become available to a user when Sage CRM has CTI enabled on its license and the user has CTI enabled under Administration > Users > Users > <User>.

The client machine will need to have a TAPI Service Provider (TSP) installed so that the plugin can interact with the customer's telephony solution. The TSP is supplied by the customer's telephony solution provider.

The Sage CRM CTI guide refers to a "CTI installation" - this is just a normal Sage CRM install where CTI is enabled in the license key.


Full details regarding setting up a CTI integration with Sage CRM is available in the attached guide.

 Download: Sage CRM v7.2 CTI guide