When in the Opportunity Items tab, on clicking 'New', Product list does not populate or work when there are more than 10 products in the system.


If there are more than 10 products in the system, the product list in Opportunity Items does not populate


The issue is caused by three errors in a function called TableLookUpopit_productid in the code on that page. The issue was introduced in Sage CRM 7.2.


Two workarounds are available. The first is to increase the dropdown threshold, preventing the broken screen control from being used.

This can be done by running the following SQL, then doing a metadata refresh:

update Custom_SysParams set Parm_Value = '20' where Parm_Name = 'dropdownthreshold'

Alternatively, the issue can be worked around using a client-side script. The following can be added as a Custom Content script on OpportunityItemDetailsBox:


      var myFuncString = TableLookUpopit_productid + "";

      myFuncString = myFuncString.replace("floc=floc.parent.EWARE_LOGO;", "").replace("var list=eval(familyname+'list');", "var list=eval('floc.'+familyname+'list');").replace("if (!eval(familyname+'listver')) ", "if (!eval('floc.'+familyname+'listver')) ");




The issue was raised to the development team, and is marked as fixed in Sage CRM 7.2c, due for release at the end of Augues 2015.