The Updateddate for an entity doesn't get updated when a document is added.


Updateddate for entity, eg: Oppo_updateddate (Opportunity) doesn't get updated to reflect the Libr_Updateddate when a document is added to that entity.


One can add a Table Level Script to update this entity date, in this example - Opportunity, and oppo_updateddate:

Put the script in the Table Level Script box under: Admin -> Customisation -> Documents

function updateOppoDate() {

 var tempVal = Values("Libr_OpportunityId");

 if (checkNotUndefinedEmptyOrNull(tempVal) && (parseInt(tempVal)>0)) {

  var oppoRecord =
  oppoRecord.Oppo_UpdatedDate = Values("Libr_UpdatedDate"); 

function InsertRecord() {


function UpdateRecord() {


function DeleteRecord() {


function checkNotUndefinedEmptyOrNull (obj) {

 var tempObj = obj+"";

 if ((tempObj != "undefined")
  || (tempObj != "NULL")
  || (tempObj != "")) {

  return true; 
 else return false;


This is currently with development as an enhancement request.