An Info Manager with full Info Admin Rights logs on to CRM and navigates to Administration -> Users -> Standard Classic Dashboards.

The user selects a dashboard to edit eg: Customer Service Dashbaord.

The following error message is displayed:



The cause of this issue was a security entry in the the ActionSecurity Table.

The following is shown in the ewaresystem.log:

Jul 15 2014 14:02:23.474  7684       10540    4              StartUserAction,User,Action              27           1677      
Jul 15 2014 14:02:23.475  7684       10540    1              Illegal user action: 1677 by test test

Resolution / Workaround:

The workaround for this issue is to run the following query in the database:

update ActionSecurity set AcSe_Deleted = 1 where acse_action = 1677

Once this query is run, perform an iisrest of  the system.
The user should now be able to edit the classic dashboards.

WARNING: The techniques or examples contained in this email are for illustrative purposes only, and have not been tested in a production environment. The techniques or examples used are not necessarily supported features of SAGE CRM, and may not have been previously tested or implemented on a production environment. Before attempting to implement any of these techniques or examples on a production environment, they should be tested thoroughly, as use of these techniques may cause unexpected behaviour. SAGE can accept no responsibility for any issues arising from the use of these techniques. Please ensure that you back up your database and application fully before implementing any changes of this nature.


This issue has been resolved in sgae CRM version 7.3 which is due for release at the end of 2014.