A user creates a new email template for opportunities that includes the following merge fields:

Description: #oppo_description#
ID: #oppo_opportunityid#


When this template is used on an opportunity the following results are displayed:

Description: Training solution for 40 users                   
ID: Training solution for 40 users  

What you would expect here is for the ID field (#oppo_opportunityid#) to be populated with the ID but it is populated with the product description on both lines.


The resolution to this is to navigate to the view vSummaryOpportunity and add in the following to the view (highlighted in yellow below):

CREATE VIEW vSummaryOpportunity AS SELECT epd_pers.epd_EmailAddress as Pers_EmailAddress, epd_pers.epd_PhoneCountryCode as Pers_PhoneCountryCode, epd_pers.epd_PhoneAreaCode as Pers_PhoneAreaCode, epd_pers.epd_PhoneNumber as Pers_PhoneNumber, epd_pers.epd_FaxCountryCode as Pers_FaxCountryCode, epd_pers.epd_FaxAreaCode as Pers_FaxAreaCode, epd_pers.epd_FaxNumber as Pers_FaxNumber, epd_comp.epd_EmailAddress as Comp_EmailAddress, epd_comp.epd_PhoneCountryCode as Comp_PhoneCountryCode, epd_comp.epd_PhoneAreaCode as Comp_PhoneAreaCode, epd_comp.epd_PhoneNumber as Comp_PhoneNumber, epd_comp.epd_FaxCountryCode as Comp_FaxCountryCode, epd_comp.epd_FaxAreaCode as Comp_FaxAreaCode, epd_comp.epd_FaxNumber as Comp_FaxNumber, Person.*, Company.*, Opportunity.*, Account.*, oppo_opportunityid AS oppo_oppoid  FROM Opportunity LEFT JOIN Person ON Oppo_PrimaryPersonId = Pers_PersonId LEFT JOIN CRMEmailPhoneData epd_pers ON epd_pers.epd_EntityID = 13 AND epd_pers.epd_RecordID = Pers_PersonID LEFT JOIN Company ON  Oppo_PrimaryCompanyId  = Comp_CompanyId  AND Comp_Deleted IS NULL LEFT JOIN CRMEmailPhoneData epd_comp ON epd_comp.epd_EntityID = 5 AND epd_comp.epd_RecordID = Comp_CompanyID LEFT JOIN Account ON Oppo_PrimaryAccountId = Acc_AccountId WHERE Oppo_Deleted IS NULL

Once this is updated perform a metadata refresh.

Then perform the merge again it will now show the fields correctly.

Description: Training solution for 40 users                   
ID: 19