When using an Oracle database, an issue may occur when installing a new copy of Sage CRM v7.2, or upgrading an earlier version to v7.2. On attempting to save the Oracle database connection, the following error message may be displayed:

TNS listener was not found

This issue is generally caused by an incorrect TNS Service Name being entered on the connection screen.

More information:

The Oracle connection screen in the Sage CRM installer has changed slightly in v7.2. There is now a requirement to enter the TNS Service Name. This service name can be a name, net service name or service name. In a typical install, this will generally match the SERVICE_NAME value as defined in your listener.ora.

If installing Sage CRM on a different machine to the Oracle database server, the Oracle client tools will need to be installed on the CRM server. You will also need to set up the listener files (though NOT an active listener service) on the CRM server. This can be done using the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant.

An example set of listener files from a CRM server is attached below:


Please bear in mind that it may be possible to establish a connection from the CRM server to the Oracle server over TCP/IP without having set up the listener files on the CRM server. This is because SQL Developer will establish a direct TCP/IP connection without using the client connection library; this should not be used as an indication that the client tools have been set up correctly on the CRM server.

Should the option to select an Oracle database be missing altogether, it is likely that the Oracle client tools have not been installed. Sage CRM requires that the 32-bit client tools are installed. The 32-bit client tools for Oracle 11g R2 are available here:

 External link: Oracle 11g R2 client tools


Additional information on installing Sage CRM with an Oracle database is available here:

 External link: Installing Sage CRM in a distributed ORacle environment