In Sage CRM v7.2, attempting to access the SDATA schema URL using Internet Explorer may throw an error. This is due to the format of the XML returned, and does not indicate an error in Sage CRM.


The SDATA schema URL is commonly used as a troubleshooting step to determine if the Tomcat service and CRMJ webapp are operating. The URL is in the following format:


For a Sage CRM instance named CRM72 hosted on a machine called crm-server, the URL will appear as follows:


On accessing the URL, the following error message may be displayed:

Windows Presentation Host screenshot


The issue is caused by Internet Explorer being unable to correctly display the XML response from the CRMJ webapp due to its formatting. It does not indicate an issue with Sage CRM. The results of the schema URL request can still be viewed by using Chrome or Firefox.


If the URL is only being used to check if the CRMJ webapp is responsive, the "Hello World" URL can be used instead. This URL is in the  following format:


For a CRM instance named CRM72, and a CRM web server named crm-server, the URL will appear as follows:


Successful handing of this request will result in the below message being returned in the browser:

Hello world