After upgrading from Sage CRM 7.1 to Sage CRM 7.2 and loging in to Sage CRM for the first time, the screen appears to have not loaded correctly and none of the links on the page work.



The case of this was an incorrect value kept in one of the Custom_Sysparams.

If you run the following query on the database:

select *from Custom_SysParams where Parm_Name like '%NonSystemClientSideScriptFiles%'

You will see that in the Parm_Value for this Custom_SysParm there is a js file, this field should be a NULL value.


To resolve this issue, run the follwing query:

update Custom_SysParams set parm_value=NULL where parm_name like 'NonSystemClientSideScriptFiles'

Then perform an iisreset and log back into Sage CRM. The UI should be dispalyed as expected.

More information:

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