The Interactive dashbaord was displaying an error and there was an error when uploading a document in Google Chrome.


The Tomcat service was starting correctly, the catalina.log file was not showing any start up issues.


The cause of this issue orginated when Sage CRM was being installed. During the install an error message was displayed "CRM URL Rewrite Rules could not be created".

On further investigation of Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager the URL Rewrite Module was actually missing. This is a required component when installing Sage CRM 7.2


To resolve this issue, you need to install the URL Rewrite Module for IIS.
This can be downloaded via the link below (Please check that you are downloading the correct version for your operating system):

After this has installed sucessfully, you will need to ensure the URL Rewrite rules created for CRM.

To create the URL Rewrite Rules for CRM, run the Sage CRM full install and select the change install option and then select the IIS Alias option. This will recreate the URL Rewrite Rules for Sage CRM when completed.

Once this is complete, the Interactive Dashbaord should be working correctly and documents can be uploaded successfully using Chrome.

More information:

Further reading of Apache Tomcat and Sage CRM can be found in our guide located here