When creating a marketing campaign there were no templates in the drop down selection box.
As long as templates exist on the account, this should be checked by logging into Swiftpage externally of Sage CRM and they should appear.

More information:

When logging onto the external site via, you will note the redirection to the website your Swiftpage account is held on. Sage CRM holds a server parameter which should redirect automatically to the website your account is being hosted on.

select * from custom_sysparams where parm_name = 'SwiftPageServerAddress'

Normally this result should be, however if the templates are not showing, we would ask you update this server value to the server your account is hosted on.

update custom_sysparams set parm_value ='' where parm_name = 'SwiftPageServerAddress'

Then perform an iisreset on the server.

You should now be able to see the templates available on your account.

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