An Access Violation is thrown on 7.2d when using a .Net customisation to add a new email link button to a custom entity.

For example by adding the following 2 lines to a data page for a custom entity:

var newEmail = Url("1500") + "&E=Sample"; 

AddUrlButton(Sage.Captions.sCap_NewEmail, "newEmail.gif", UrlForPopUpWindow(newEmail, "TTWindow", 600, 1000));
This works fine in 7.2c. It seems to have been introduced in 7.2d.


An access violation occurs:

Error message is "Access violation at address 1A7F73FB in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 0000000D"

|Address |Module    |Unit             |Class                 |Procedure/Method                       |Line      |
|1A7F73FB|eware.dll |WebObject.pas    |TWebObject            |GetPreviousAspUrlFromHistoryWithContent|3543[12]  |
|1A7F7334|eware.dll |WebObject.pas    |TWebObject            |GetPreviousAspUrlFromHistoryWithContent|3531[0]   |
|1A64A3FF|eware.dll |WsEmailClient.pas|TWebEmail             |BuildScreen                            |4898[1080]|


This issue occurs in 7.2d and 7.2e but not on previous 7.2 patches.

More information:

This case is fixed in 7.2F which is due out at the end of September 2014