If there is connection problem between Sage CRM and the SQL database the database password may need to be changed into plain text.

This guide explains how to re-encrypt the SQL database password from plain text.

More information:

1. To Update the SQL login details for Sage CRM open the registry and navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Wow6432Node -> eWare -> Config -> <Sage CRM instance Name>
Here you will find the database username and password:

DatabaseUserID:  sa

Now to connect to the database you will have to change it to plain text:

DatabasePassword: Password01

2. To encrypt the database password you need to reset the password again but this time in CRM.
Navigate to Administration -> System -> Database and update the database password (eg Password01)

3. Navigate back to the registry and the database password will now be encrypted, select this password and copy it.

Should be as follows:


4.For tomcat features eg Interactive Dashboard to work correctly the file must be updated (or for older versions).

Navigate to the file (or depending on your version) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\<Sage CRM instance Name>\tomcat\webapps\<Sage CRM instance Name>j\WEB-INF and update the database password as follows:


If you restart tomcat all its features should be working as expected.

5. If you have the Exchange Integration, then you will also have to update the in the ExchangeSyncEngine webapp.