When doing a mass update on a numeric field a SQL error occurs.


The user has set their user preference for decimal point to comma (',') and when they perfrom a mass update on a group using this format eg 12,15.

Once the user clicks save a SQL error occurs:


The following is displayed in the ewaresql.log:

Nov 12 2014 12:08:52.902 12448 4752 1 execsql,time,sql,errormsg 0 UPDATE Opportunity SET oppo_num=12,15,oppo_UpdatedBy=1,oppo_TimeStamp='20141112 12:08:52',oppo_UpdatedDate='20141112 12:08:52' WHERE (Oppo_OpportunityId IN (5,6,7,9,11,12,13,14,22,56,57,61,65,81,83,87,117,149,159,167,213,215,218,2,136,1,58,79,94,135,145))
 Incorrect syntax near '15'

Resolution / Workaround:

The workaround for this issue is to use the full stop ('.') instead of the comma (',') as the decimal place in User Preferences.


This is an issue Sage CRM 7.1 but is not reproducible in Sage CRM 7.2.