A user trys to add a new currency in Sage CRM and a sql error is shown on the screen.


The following error appears in the ewaresql.log:

Oct 17 2014 7:46:19.258 5208 5244 1 execsql,time,sql,errormsg 219 INSERT INTO Currency(Curr_Symbol,Curr_DecimalPrecision,Curr_Rate,curr_CreatedBy,curr_CreatedDate,curr_UpdatedBy,curr_UpdatedDate,curr_TimeStamp)  VALUES (N'USD',2,1.000000,1,'20141017 07:46:19',1,'20141017 07:46:19','20141017 07:46:19')
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Curr_CurrencyID', table 'SAGECRM.dbo.Currency'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails

From the error message above you can see that the Curr_CurrencyID field is missing from the insert statement.


The cause of this issue was with the properties of the Currency table.


To resolve this issue:

1.First take a backup of the database.

2.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

3.Navigate to the dbo.Currency  table and right click on it  and select Design:


4.Select Curr_CurrenctID and the Column Properties will appear below it:


Notice the Identity Specification is set to no (see highlighted above).

5.To resolve this change the “(Is Identity)” to Yes:


6.Once this is done perform an IIS reset.

7.Now login into CRM and navigate to Admin -> Data Management -> Currency and the user should be able to add in a new currency.

More information:

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