A user edits a custom "Search Select Advance (Adv Search Select)" field that was created under the company entity.

The user changes this SSA field to a selection field.


The user then trys to create a company using the updated field but the following error message is shown:



The cause of this issue is that the data type is not updated to match the new field.

Resolution / Workaround:

To workaround this issue:

1.Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and open the CRM database.

2.Navigate to Tables -> dbo.Company ->  Columns and go to the newly created field eg in this case “comp_ssa”.
You will see the data type for this field is an int.

For a selection field this would normally be the an nvharchar(40).
You can check this by creating a new selection field from scratch.

3.Right click on the dbo.compant table field and select the design option.

4.Now edit the comp_ssa field and change it to the following and save it:

5.Now perform an iisreset an you should be able to create a company.

More information:

This is actually working as expected:

When you create a field as an ASS then it will be created on the database as an integer field. that will not change. When you edit a field, the available entry types are limited to those that are valid for the underlying datatype. Unfortunately a drop down entry type can be either an integer or a string depending on the code values that are set up for the family. We don't distinguish between them in the available options so it is up to the user to select a family that is valid for the data type. If this happens to a customer they should either create a drop down family with integer codes and use that, or if they want to use an existing family that has text codes then they must create a new field that is a string data type.

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