When accessing Sage CRM externally using its fully qualified domain name the Interactive Dashboards is not working.



To troubleshoot this issue futher the following schema check was done:

http://<server name>/sdata/<crm install>j/sagecrm/-/$schema.

But instead of displaying the XML page or a http error page as you would expect, you get redirected to the CRM Login page.

A fiddler trace was then run to identify potential errors.

The following http error was displayed:

"HTTP Error 407 proxy authentication required"


The cause of this issue was the set up of the proxy on their server.


After further investigation we identified that the proxy was not allowing access to port 59561 and 59562.

Once we enabled access to these ports, the Interactive Dashboard was visible externally.

More information:

Accessing CRM internally using the server name cased no issues with the Interactive Dashoard.